R e c o r d i n g s

ABC Classics 2019 

Curious Caledonians - Evergreen Ensemble
Violinist - Co-Direction - Co-Producer
Curious Caledonians Cover Art with text.

ABC Classics 2019 

One Hundred Days Away - Evergreen Ensemble
Violinist - Artistic Direction - Research - Producer
Album Cover 1 with text.jpeg

Move Records 2018 

Snow in Summer - Evergreen Ensemble

Violinist - Artistic Direction - Producer

Evergreen Ensemble - Snow in Summer COVE


Orchestral Recordings - Melbourne Baroque Orchestra with Davide Monti - 2016

Orchestral Recordings - Collegium Orpheus, France 2011 - 2013

VIVALDI: Domine ad adjuvendum me, 2nd Mvmt

Collegium Orpheus, FRANCE, 2013

VIVALDI: Concerto 4 Violins, 3rd Mvmt

Collegium Orpheus, FRANCE, 2013

MOZART: Lacrimosa

Collegium Orpheus, FRANCE, 2013

Irish Music Recordings - Tiúin - 2009

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