The music I've become very passionate about over the last decade is that of 18thC Scotland. In 2018 I completed a Research Master's degree at the University of Melbourne, creating a series of recitals and writing a thesis entitled "Sweet Sounds and Good Taste: Italian Influences on Modality in the Music of Eighteenth-Century Scotland".

I am currently a staff member and a PhD researcher at the University of Melbourne, studying the historically informed performance practices of Scottish-Australian music manuscripts of the 19th and early 20thC.

I was the recipient of the 2019 National Folk Fellowship offered through the National Library of Australia and the National Folk Festival. The recording of the fellowship research was made into an ABC Classics album with Evergreen Ensemble entitled 'One Hundred Days Away'. Also in 2019 I co-produced a second ABC Classics album of Scottish-Australian music, 'Curious Caledonians', featuring Evergreen Ensemble, Neal Peres da Costa, Daniel Yeadon, and members of Concerto Caledonia from Glasgow, Scotland. There are plans for three new albums showcasing my PhD research repertoire in 2022.