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Shane Lestideau is a musician with a variety of experiences gathered over nearly every continent of the globe. Fortunate enough to have acquired a parallel education in both Classical and Traditional Irish and Scottish music in Australia, she has gone on to work with baroque ensembles on some of the most prestigious stages in France, fiddled her way around Ireland and Scotland, and performed and recorded with dozens of top musicians all over Europe.
Shane has over 15 years teaching experience on the violin in conservatoriums, music schools, private tuition and workshops.


Shane grew up in the heart of the Australian bush, in an isolated National Park where home schooling was necessary, then in the Blue Mountains, NSW, where she was finally able to start violin classes. After finishing the Suzuki levels, she lived in Ireland and Scotland for a year, developing her traditional music repertoire and making the most of her Suzuki training to play everything by ear. She also worked with the Sligo Baroque Ensemble shortly before returning to Australia to complete a performance degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on modern violin. Studying with Anna MacDonald in Sydney and Patrick Bismuth at the Conservatoire de Boulogne-Billancourt in Paris gave her the training necessary to work professionally as a baroque violinist during the ten year period that she lived in France. She continued to teach Classical repertoire, traditional Irish and Scottish music on a modern instrument, as well as studying Modal music practice with teachers such as Fawaz Baker and Ross Daly.


Shane is researching  Scottish Baroque repertoire and performance techniques, and has completed a masters degree on 'Italian Influences on Modality in the Music of Eighteenth-Century Scotland'. She is currently researching and recording Scottish-Australian music of the 18th and 19th centuries.

She directs the Victorian-based Evergreen Ensemble which performs up to 30 dates annually around Australia and collaborates frequently with Australian and international guest performers. The ensemble has released two albums through ABC Classics in 2019.


As a freelance baroque musician, Shane works for the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, the Melbourne Baroque Orchestra, Adelaide Baroque Orchestra, St John's Bach Orchestra and the Newman College Choir Orchestra. She has also collaborated with La Compañia,  Ludovico's Band, and Australian Baroque Brass.








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